Why choose Montessori?

In Calgary, as in Canada, as in the rest of the world- the economy is restless. We have seen huge economic growth, and then have seen it recede- now it seems to be recovering quite nicely. Although it may be a long time before we see the jumps we saw a few years ago, at this point, most families are breathing a little easier. What does this have to do with choosing Montessori? A Montessori School is generally a bit more expensive than other play-based preschools. As a parent- it can be difficult to decide if it is worth the extra cost for Montessori. I’m here to tell you it is! In a Montessori classroom, we are focused on not just teaching a child to recite their abcs, or tie their shoes, or write their name. We are here to help your child develop to their full potential. To give them independence. To show them the world of learning, and watch them become joyful in it. They learn a respect for themselves and others, and a sense of a global community in which they can make a difference. These young ones are going to grow and be the great leaders of our planet- let us make sure we share with them the mistakes we have made so far, and ways to overcome them. They will be our caregivers- let us make sure we give them the tools to do better, to give more, to change the world. If not them, then who?

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