Getting into routine

We are already getting settled into our regular routines- it takes little ones such a short time to follow the patterns in the classroom. We spend lots of time reviewing what our classroom rules are and this week have discussed our peace agreement. We talk about inside and outside voices, and for the most part we are good at using inside ones! Our first couple of field trips are booked, with information in parent emails and childrens folders. We are doing grace & courtesy lessons in group work, and everyone is quickly working through individual lessons in practical life.

The kids are so full of joy and eager to learn! As we run through our calendar, sign language and circle songs, they are full of enthusiasm- singing, smiling and clapping. It makes for a fun and happy spirit here each day.

If you are interested in working on letters at home with your child, please remember that we introduce only the lower case letters (other than when writing their names), and we teach letter sounds, not names.

a- as in apple                    b- as in bat         c- as in cat       d- as in dog    e- as in elephant      f- as in fish        g- as in go

h- as in hat                       i- as in igloo       j- as in jump     k- as in kitten  l- as in lion         m- as in mom      n- as in nose

0- as in octopus             p- as in pipe        q- as in queen (kw)   r- as in rain       s- as in snake         t- as in tiger

u- as in umbrella          v- as in van           w- as in water        x- as in fox  (ks)   y- as in yo-yo         z- as in zipper

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