Autumn is here!

What a beautiful couple of weeks we have had! Unbelievable weather really for Calgary- the average high for the last couple of weeks is usually +16…and we have reached highs of +30! Lovely. My 10K road race went well on Saturday morning in Banff- its the first time I have tried anything like that, and I am glad I did it…and glad it’s over! Already my friends are trying to talk me into another one…I need a few days to recover before I commit to anything again! We had lovely days to take our Autumn Walks & Scavenger Hunt- I have photos of the kids as we went along collecting leaves, twigs, pine cones and fallen leaves in beautiful shades of green, red, yellow, purple. We played at the park, tag and hide & go seek, and everyone was hungry and thirsty and ready for snack! Next week I will post the finished products of the fall pictures they have created.

Next Week is also our Stone Soup Project before Thanksgiving- its wonderfully fun, and if you send a tupperware container in, we will send home a taste of our soup with you! We have different students on different days, so your child may end up making more than one batch with their class- please send in your items for the soup asap.

We had a speech-language pathologist in this week to do some assessments- as a free service- if you didn’t receive a assessment notice- its because your child is too young at this point for assessment (and we will revisit it next year)- and if you did ask for your child to be assessed and you haven’t heard anything back from me, it is because they show age appropriate speech and language skills. So no worries!

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