Selena Gomez Concert

This post is a bit more personal than classroom, but as a mom I wanted to share this experience, so please bear with me- or if you don’t want to, don’t read it. ūüôā

I took my 2 daughters to see the Selena Gomez concert here in Calgary on Monday night. They are young (7 & 9)- they love music and sing along to many radio tunes…but it isn’t easy to find a concert that would be appropriate for young children-¬†(for example, they love Lady Gaga tunes, but there is NO WAY they would be attending a concert of hers!) (no¬†offense to Lady Gaga, I like her music too!). But Selena Gomez was great-¬†no bad language, no offensive costumes, nada. Just a pretty girl, singing pretty songs. A perfect first concert experience for my two little monkeys. I got them each a t-shirt, and wearing them, we took to our seats and waited for Miss Gomez to take the stage. She did, and did not disappoint the girls- they heard all their favorite songs, and some others that they now love. They loved the dancing, the costume changes, the confetti shooting out over the crowd. All¬†in all, couldn’t have asked for more.

The meat of my story is however, not about how great the concert was. It is about my girls. They were so happy, and so grateful-¬†when we got to the Saddledome they threw their arms around me and hugged me tight saying Thank you so much Mommy! over and over. It was gratifying, I gotta tell you. ūüôā

As the concert began, my youngest jumped up, and started dancing like nobody was watching. She was singing as loud as she could, arms in the air, and dancing up a storm. My eldest, who was also obviously enjoying herself-¬†sat quietly on the other side of me, singing to herself. She kept looking at her sister, and occasionally said that her sis was “sooooo¬†embarrassing”, but I could tell she wanted to get up and dance too. My two girls could not be more different. T is conservative-¬†quiet and uber-mature¬†for her age. She handles things diplomatically with great tact. She is a natural athlete and every sport she has ever tried has come so easy to her. She is 9 going on 3o. She also is always aware of how she is portraying herself to others, and is worried about embarrassing¬†herself in any way. ¬†E is about as opposite of that as you can get. She is a free spirit-¬†she loves the world, and throws open her arms to it every day. She is a clown, and loves to make people laugh. She doesn’t care WHO is watching- if she wants to dance, then by god, she will dance! She prefers her hair messy, her clothes stained with paint or whatever else she has been dabbling in that day, her room messy, and there is nothing the least bit conservative about her.

They are both so beautiful in their own ways, and I love and appreciate their differences. In T I see who I was as a child and a teenager and a young adult- someone who was always worried about looking foolish, and always worried about what other people might think. In E I see myself now- accepting of who I am, flaws and all, and loving myself because of them. And being ok with looking silly, as long as I am happy.

I hope that my children will take some of each others spirit and temper each other with it. I hope that my influence can encourage T to let go and get a little crazy, and to encourage E to (at least sometimes!) look before you leap.

To end my story I will say this-¬†when Miss Gomez came out to do her encore, many people stood up to dance as she sang her last few songs. Taylor was looking around, yearningly, and I knew she wanted to get up and dance, but was hesitant. I asked her, and she hesitated…then said no. So….I ignored the little voice in my head that said “You are a grown woman! You can’t seriously be considering getting up and dancing at a Selena Gomez concert!”- grabbed her hand, and danced the rest of the concert beside my 2 girls-¬†who were both beaming from cheek to cheek. It was fabulous, and not even a little embarrassing. I will carry that moment with me forever.

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