Welcome back!

Christmas and New Years is over and we are back to classes tomorow. Thank goodness! Its been a long break, and I hope everyone had a lovely holiday time and is excited to get back to normal routines. Our last day was spent on our field trip to the Calgary Spaceport….there were good things and not so great things (the first presentation was a bit too slow moving and the presenter could have used some more pizazz.) But the dome presentation was fun! Anyways, always a learning experience. šŸ™‚

As we move into the new year, this week you will be receiving new take home folders (they tend to get a bit ratty as theĀ months go by, as well as information regarding pre-registration and summer camps. If you are interested, please have the forms back in before the end of January.

NEW REGISTRATION AND OPEN HOUSE: February 15th – on this date Hand in Hand will be accepting registrations for new students, and hosting an open house to answer any questions. If you know of someone looking for a preschool space for September, please feel welcome to direct them .Ā Current families have access to spaces first, and spaces are limited to only 6 students per class.

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