Inspiring Greatness

“Redefine your self-concept by challenging everything that you’ve held to be true about yourself up until now. Be open to examining everything you’ve previously thought limited you in any way. Affirm: I place no limits and no restrictions on all that I intend to accomplish and become from here on in.” Wayne Dyer

What could we make happen if we all thought about this? If we threw away all that limits us, and all realized our full potential?   My hope as a teacher, is that I leave all the children in my care with the beliefs that they can do anything, be anything, accomplish anything.

If all the children who will one day be taking care of us, leading our planet forward believe there are no limits to the wonders they can do…where will they take us?? As parents, as teachers, as aunts, uncles, friends, human beings- let’s remove our own limits, and keep inspiring the children to do the same.

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