counting with cotton balls

I like this! A way to change it up a little on the shelves.

Everyone Can Montessori


This activity is pretty straight forward. We have the sandpaper numerals (1-9), and a large glass jar of cotton balls. If you don’t have the wood sandpaper numerals, you can always write them out on some index cards with a marker. First of all, young kids love cotton balls. My daughter says they’re “cute” and “chubby”. I’ve placed them in a large glass jar with lid for added interest, and she also gets practice unscrewing the lid. Moving on…


Basically, count out the number of cotton balls to correlate with the number on the card. In the photo above you can see that we’ve also included tongs as a sub activity to improve fine motor skills. Also, my three-year-old has an auntie instructor helping out. Very often kids will want help, or not want to do a particular activity. That’s fine… you shouldn’t pressure your kid to do a certain activity…

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