Basic Materials for a Montessori Classroom

I’m working with a new preschool who is getting geared up to open next year. One of the things they have asked me for is a list of basic Montessori supplies to begin a classroom. It’s been many years since I began at the basics, and in 9 years I have managed to accumulate more and more each year, so it took me a little time to sit down and go through what I started out with at the beginning. Here’s a condensed list of Montessori materials that I believe are necessary in a classroom.


  • Grace & Courtesy are by far the most important lessons- and they require almost no materials!
  • Pouring, dry and liquids
  • Using a dropper
  • Washing hands
  • Blowing noses and coughing…so important!
  • spooning activities
  • sweeping
  • dusting
  • folding
  • using a sponge
  • dresssing frames


  • Pink tower
  • Knobbed cylinders
  • Red Rods
  • Brown Stair
  • Color Tablets
  • Geometry Cabinet
  • Geometric Solids
  • Rough/Smooth boards
  • Binomial Cube
  • Trinomial cube
  • Sound cylinders
  • Fabric Box
  • Knobless cylinders
  • Mystery bag
  • Constructive Triangles


  • Sandpaper globe
  • Painted globe
  • puzzle maps
  • Continents folders/Boxes
  • Sink & Float
  • Magnets


  • Metal Insets
  • Sandpaper letters
  • Moveable alphabet
  • chalkboards
  • Phonetic/Phonogram materials (pink, blue & green)


  • number rods & cards
  • cards and counters
  • sandpaper numbers
  • spindle boxes
  • teen boards & beads
  • ten boards and beads
  • strip boards
  • linear chains and labels
  • snake game
  • short bead stair
  • decimal material


  • playdough
  • crayons, markers, paper
  • glue, scissors
  • a variety of open ended art materials

I believe this is great list to start with. There are literally hundreds of extensions that can be purchased and added in- each year I try to add 5 to 10 new items into my stock. If your child is one of our students- now you have a great list to ask them about! 🙂 IMG_4140 IMG_4147 IMG_4135 IMG_4120 033 pinktower5

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