Why I love Montessori and you should too!

When I began teaching in my Montessori school…I loved the simplicity, the calmness, the serenity in teaching using the Montessori methods…but to be completely honest, I wasn’t sure if it would work! Being new to preschool education in general- I had to trust that the methods I had learned would actually do what all the theory I had worked through said they would. I believed in the Method, but not having been able to see any  long term effects, I jumped in with enthusiasm and hope…and observed. As I “followed the child”I was…amazed. It works. It’s truly remarkable how well it works. My  daughters began their education in Montessori, and I cannot imagine any other way for them to have begun to learn. They are self- starters, independent and strong, not just in their education, but in their lives. My oldest is 14 years old now, and in grade 8 . Her teachers can’t keep up. At her parent/teacher conference at the beginning of December- they absolutely raved about her. Her  teachers have her teaching concepts to the class, tutoring other struggling students, doing extra projects both during class time (because she is so far ahead of other students) and at home. She regularly emails or asks her teachers in person for additional work. She has excellent study skills, and so far this year, hasn’t brought homework from school because she finishes well beyond the given time limits. She shows initiative and goes above and beyond in every endeavour she takes on. (except cleaning her room). Her sister has taken every grace and courtesy lesson to heart- she is kind and gentle and sweet and is loved by anyone and everyone she meets. She also does great as far as school work goes, and consistently has excellent grades, but her teachers rave about how much they adore her attitude and kind spirit. They left Montessori a few years ago now, and attend a wonderful public middle school….but they still talk about their Montessori lessons and teachers and miss that method of education. There isn’t (yet!) Montessori education here in Calgary beyond the elementary level, but I truly believe that the reason they are such amazing students is because they began with Montessori. And I would like to think that the reason they are amazing young people has at least a little to do with me. 🙂 Know this parents; Montessori works to give your child the roots they need to succeed. IMG_3870

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