End of Summer

We aren’t quite there yet, but as the weather cools down and the kids are getting to go back to school, it sure seems like it. It’s been a very crazy summer here in our household- kids going all different directions with jobs, volunteering, vacations with grandparents- it has felt like we haven’t had anytime with just all six of us together bonding. So I decided that we would end our summer the week before our 4 kids go back to school with a surprise vacation to BC. We went to Vernon and Kelowna, with a stop in Revelstoke along the way. We tried out a Mountain roller coaster, went to an enchanted forest. We went water sliding, and held baby kangaroos. We spent a whole day playing at Lake Okanagan, on a blowup waterpark and laying on the beach, swimming in the water. It was beautiful, and amazing, and a perfect way for us to re-connect as a family. I’m so glad we did it. The weather was amazing and if there was any way I could have brought a little kangaroo home with me, I would have. Now the countdown begins to back to school! How do you spend your last weeks of summer? 

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