What are you grateful for?


We have 4 kids, so winter break is not really a “break”. It’s pretty busy- if the kids aren’t underfoot, then we are driving them to their friends, ice skating, shopping, and to the barn for time with their horses. In our front entrance we have a big board (as you can see in the photo) for writing on. Sometimes it’s threats to clean up their stuff or I throw it in the garbage, sometimes it’s an inspirational quote, sometimes it’s a to-do or grocery list. At the beginning of our Christmas break, I wrote on the top- “What are you grateful for?”, and asked everyone in the house to write on it. We have so much to appreciate and I wanted us all to take a minute and think about what those things are. I try every day to think of at least one thing I’m grateful for (at 6:00 am it’s always strong coffee), and when I get stressed or overwhelmed I stop, breathe and think about how lucky I am. No matter what else happens in my day to day- I have a family who loves and supports me, a great husband who adores me, 4 really great kids that make me crazy and make me proud all at the same time. A great business that is different every single day. A mom who is my cheerleader. Two dogs that are cute and loving and sometimes bad but mostly good. Students who make me happy to go back to work after Christmas break. The ability to learn new things and stretch my limits. Naps. Working out and feeling healthy. And coffee. Never, forget, coffee.




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  1. shelly taneja says:

    Hey Tammy, I had a question: Are you taking kids full time for next year? Like full days 5 days a week?

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