Be Specific


A great word. Definition includes clearly defined and precise. I’m a big fan of setting goals and having things to work towards. I read self help books (currently reading “How to Live a Good Life” by Jonathan Fields), and I read business books (also currently reading “Everybody Writes by Ann Handley). I listen to Tony Robbins when I am driving in my car, and I take everything I hear to heart. I recently created a “Big Goals” list. These are goals that sound crazy, but are huge- things like- double my income, pay off our house, buy a condo in Vegas. See the pyramids in Egypt, go to New York. Go on an African safari. Learn to speak Spanish fluently.

Then I take those big, crazy goals, and start to break them down. I am learning to speak Spanish…slowly. I have the Rosetta Stone program and I do a little bit each day. Based on that- it will be at least 2 years before I’m fluent, but…baby steps. I want to get in really good shape, so I’m drinking my Shakeology every day, and working out every day. Baby steps.

The key is to take those big, crazy dream goals, and break them down into specifics. Want to lose 20 lbs? Take 2- 15 minute walks a day- twenty pounds lost in a year. Eat a piece of fruit instead of having dessert? 20 pounds in a year. Easy peasy!

Then make it more specific. Two 15 minute walks a day? Make them count- walk fast, walk hard, and get as many steps in as you can in 15 minutes. (I love my Fitbit btw).

Break each of your goals down into small, defined steps that you can take- a little thing each day that works towards them. The more specific you can be, the smaller the steps you have to take at one time- the less chance you have of becoming overwhelmed and giving up.


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