Welcome 2017!

We are right back into the swing of things in the classroom- language, practical life, math, geography, geometry and gymnastics!

We are learning about the continents, about rhyming words and the proper words for geometric shapes. Our classroom has changed a little bit (Miss Tammy LOVES to mix things up) and new lessons abound on the shelves. We are doing work plans with the children each week so they know what is coming up and what they need to accomplish. A review is always nice at the beginning of a session, so we have been reviewing grace and courtesy and what that means, where things go and how to take care of the classroom and ourselves.

We have also been heavy (like, REALLY heavy) on the reminders regarding sneezing, coughing etc. Our classroom space is cleaned and sanitized daily (including the materials). If we catch someone sneezing or coughing into their hands, we immediately do a hand washing, as well as washing our hands before we begin the day, after gymnastics, after any bathroom breaks and before snack. We review how to blow our nose and how to catch our sneezes and coughs in our elbows. The last thing any of us want is for students to get sick….because if they get sick, then teachers get sick and if all the teachers get sick….no class! Please, please remember that if you need to give your child any type of medication in order for them to feel better….they should NOT be at school.

Please take a look at the year at a glance calendar for February- we don’t have any day closures in January but Teachers convention and Family Day fall in February- you should have the calendar at home- if you don’t then please take a look at the post earlier this year.

A parenting workshop is being planned for March, please keep an eye out in your emails for information if you would like to attend.

Our Summer Kindergarten Prep program is now in the works- it runs from July 17th to 28th- check the website for more details.

Letters of Intent for registration for current students are due now- any that are not in by February 4th cannot be guaranteed a space for September.

Our registration event for September 2017 is being held on February 4th- if you have any friends or family who are attending and planning to register, please have them let us know at the open house, as we have a little referral gift for you!

Miss Tammy will be away from January 20th to 30th-ish, Mrs. D and Miss Natasha will be in the classroom, however if you have any questions or need to let us know about a child’s absence, you can still call or text Miss Tammy to update.

Welcome to 2017! We have started the new year with a bang and will continue to make this the best year yet!

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