Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much….

As we count down to our first days of classes, we finished up our parent orientation and classroom setup begins! I’m so excited to see all the little faces that I missed over the summer, and the new little faces I haven’t yet met! Please like our page and our FB so you stay up to date on everything that’s happening with your children over the year.


Parents are the heart of our classroom and we have many opportunities available this year for volunteering. No expectations at all- please know that! We love it when you can help, but I have NEVER been the mom to bring homemade cupcakes and 30 individually created gifts for a party. (I’m the mom who runs into Safeway the morning of the party and hopes for the best!). The last thing any of you need is to feel any pressure to be “that parent” when your little one is just starting their school career….you will have plenty of years to feel guilty when your child says “Tomorrow’s my school art and I need cupcakes for 60 kids!”. (True story- this has happened in my house.)

Please find following our wish list for volunteer opportunities. Some of them are in class, some are at home projects, some are planning, some are each month. If any of these opportunities interest you, please send me an email and we can get you set up. The ones that occasionally pop up will be posted on the bulletin board outside the class, and I will also share them here and via email so if something comes up that you would like to participate in, then hooray! And if you don’t want to…hooray too! 🙂

LIBRARY PROVIDER: go to the public library once ever 3 weeks (or less) and take out books for our classroom library. 15-20 books, preschool age. When it gets close to the end of the 21 days, pick up books and return to the library…to get 15-20 more! This can be a whole year responsibility, or it can be split between a number of parents so not one parent has to do it all year.

SCHOLASTIC ORDER FORM PREP: Every month we get an influx of book order forms- these need to be separated, then stapled and dated for return. This can be done at home.

PLAYDOUGH MAKER: We need a fresh batch of play dough made about every 2 weeks- I will provide the recipe and this requirement will be posted on the bulletin board for sign up (or you can email me if you don’t regularly drop-off / pick up your child).

AT HOME PROJECTS: These are periodically required- could be photocopying, laminating, cutting/ pasting, organizing into booklets etc. (all materials provided by us). A note will go home when we need some of these done, or will be up on the bulletin board.

ORGANIZING PARTIES/PARENT WORKSHOPS/FUNDRAISERS: Periodically required- info will be provided by us, along with dates/requirements

GUEST STORY READER: Once a week- various parents. Grandparents, aunts, uncles etc welcome!

ASSESSMENTS: Periodically we need a parent volunteer to come in and help with individual child assessments. A notice will go out when we are planning them.

CREATING BULLETIN BOARDS: Creative? We have a small bulletin board out front of the classroom- if you have a creative bend and would like to create monthly bulletin boards around themes, holidays, seasons, the students? Let me know and I would be happy to have you create!

GUEST WRITER: Do you love to write? Have something to share? Would love to have you do a guest writer post on our blog! Message me if you have ideas for a guest post/photos/ etc.

GUEST PRESENTER: Share your expertise! If you would like to come in and do a presentation on something you do for a living, or are passionate about, we would love to have you. (An example: one of our lovely parents is a music teacher so she will be coming in regularly to present a music class to our little ones).

Any other ideas you have that I haven’t listed are also welcome. We also have the opportunity to come in once or twice a month to do a “worker bee” classroom cleanup activity- cleaning shelves, scrubbing materials, washing mirrors or walls, washing carpets and table mats, sharpening pencil crayons, repairing materials etc. volunteer-652383_1280

One thought on “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much….

  1. Lisa Fiumano says:

    I would be on board to do laminating photocopying… assessments I could help with!! And also book order form prep!! And I can also help with the bulletin board out front if you would like. 🙂 (I can do it all at the gym on my breaks hahaha)



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