hello september

Our first couple of weeks of classes are out of the way! The students have all begun to adjust to the routines of school, they know where to go and when, and have learned how to handle the materials in the room. We begin our days with songs, the calendar, letter sounds practice, a story. It is then work time where they are able to choose from some familiar items, along with things they have received lessons in. The teachers give lessons throughout this work time. Towards the end of our activity period, we meet back on the carpet for some group lessons- these may be practical life, sensorial, grace and courtesy and may also include math and language work. Its then time to tidy our classroom, put away our mats, wash our hands and have snack. After snack we may do some art, we may go to gymnastics, or we may do yoga and mindfulness work. Beginning next week a regular schedule of gymnastics classes will be occurring for 30 minutes most days.

Some specifics that we have learned in our first two weeks:

  • rolling and unrolling a mat
  • sitting beside and walking around our floor mats (we call them our “tables on the floor”
  • following instructions
  • I-Spy
  • Introduction to rhythmic movement
  • balancing objects
  • carrying objects
  • wiping up a spill
  • pouring beans
  • transferring objects with tongs
  • transferring water with a sponge, with a dropper, pouring water
  • dressing frames
  • opening and closing containers
  • folding clothes
  • using a broom/sweeping
  • clipping clothespins
  • arranging flowers
  • metal insets
  • Sandpaper Letters
  • Pink Tower
  • Brown Stair
  • knobbed cylinder blocks
  • knobless cylinders
  • Counting with the short bead stair
  • This is not an all-encompassing list as we have done more, but this gives you a general idea! 🙂

In October our focus will be our sensorial materials- lots of photos will be posted on FB and please feel free to send us a message if you want to know more about what you see in the photos. A  parent education night is being planned for October and details will be posted here, posted on FB, and posted on our bulletin board outside the classroom.

  • Our classroom is a nut free room- please don’t send trail mix, almonds, peanuts or peanut butter with your child in their snack.
  • Please help your child put on their indoor shoes BEFORE they enter the classroom so they are ready to begin as soon as they enter. 


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