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How can November already be almost half over?!? Our days in the classroom have been so busy. We are steadily moving forward in our routines and lessons. All of the students have been working hard and learning so much! We had lots of fun at our Halloween Party, and the children were SO cute!

As we have hit some of our cold spells, we are trying to get into the gym every day, even on non-gymnastics classes days to burn off that energy that comes with no outside playtime. We practice yoga and mindfulness mediation in the classroom…..some days it works better than others!

A reminder that our Fall session ends on December 8th with our Mad Science Pizza Party from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Our SNOW camp is from December 11th to 15th from 9 am to 12 pm. If you would like to sign up, please send us a message.

Our November focus is LANGUAGE. We have been reading stories, sequencing (what comes next?), identifying letters and words, listening for comprehension, writing and reading. Just some of the things we are working on and continuing through are:

Dressing Frames,

Binomial Cube

Constructive Triangles

Moveable Alphabet

Pink and Blue Montessori reading materials

Using Scissors appropriately

Sandpaper Letters


More advanced practical life activities

We have been having a little inappropriate talk in the classroom and so have reviewed what it is ok to talk about…and what words aren’t good ones to share. If you hear a word at home that you wouldn’t want them to share in the class…please remind them. 🙂

Happy November everyone- let’s keep our fingers crossed that the warm trend continues!

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