Hand in Hand preschool, for us, was a hugely lucky find! My only regret is that I hadn’t known about Ms. Tammy’s preschool years earlier as my son was only able to attend for one year. I am very happy that my younger son will be able to benefit from this wonderful program sooner though! Hand in Hand is a great Montessori program that fosters a sense of belonging and acceptance for each of it’s students- welcoming all the varying interests, personalities, and abilities that children bring to a classroom! The teacher – easily the highlight of the program – is warm, kind, very knowledgeable, and very invested in her students. I had the privilege of observing one of my son’s classes and was struck by how calm, focussed, and absorbed the children were in their learning, all the while having the freedom to move around the room, collaborate with other students as desired, and follow their own interests of the day. Despite having 3 preschools, montessori and otherwise, within 5 minutes of our house I will gladly make the half hour trip to Hand in Hand when my youngest reaches the age when he can start this fabulous program!

C. Jackson

What I like most about Hand In Hand is the teacher! I love the whole program, the information that is shared with the parents and most of all the approachable nature of the teacher. I love the reading program.

Miss Tammy, you are professional and offer an excellent environment for learning. Our son always has good things to say about school, which to me is a testament to your program. Thank you.

We like the personal instruction. Although it is a classroom setting, Miss Tammy provides individual instruction and takes time to get to know the kids. It is personal rather than just another student.

I like that the kids are encouraged to be independent, and gain knowledge about astronomy, geography, science etc.

I like the small class size and hands on learning. My kids are happy to go to school and I can see very clearly that they are learning.

I like how the spirit of Montessori is incorporated into the classroom. I like that my child loves going to school and I appreciate the tolerance and understanding the teacher shows. I appreciate the quality and number of materials, I love her classroom and the class size. Miss Tammy is open and honest and I am impressed by how she handles things. The children all seem to be thriving and learning, it is nice to see them take such pride in their classroom.

Not only does the environment help and encourage the students, but it is also a bonus to have a teacher who gives her all and more for her students. My son has developed in amazing ways over these few school months already. That has a lot to say for the fact of being blessed with a great teacher.